Terms and Condition

The following terms are for bike rentals:

  • The hirer must possess a valid driving licence issued by Government of India or International Driving licence and provide a photo copy or photo of the same.
  • The renter is not responsible if the hirer is involved in any unwanted activity during rent period.
  • Foreign hirers must submit a photocopy of Passport, International Driving License and Visa each.
  • Refundable amount of Rs. 1000 per bike per Helmet (Payable on Bike collection) The hirer should deposit original ID proof issued by Government (Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card) of India while renting the ride. Fuel charges are hirer’s concern.
  • Hirer should not be under the influence of Alcohol or any drug while riding the motorcycle.
  • Any damage/Theft/Loss to the bike after the collection is hirer’s responsibility and the charges are to be borne by the hirer.
  • Hirer would sign an under taking while renting the bike, Extra charges would be applicable if bike is not returned on mentioned time. Ride safe and consider the bike as your own for the best experience.

Tripadvisor Reviews

We booked river rafting adventure through Sumitji, he was extremely helpful with all the details. He gave us wake up calls so that we reach the location on time and enjoy our rafting. Also, helped us with other city details where and when to go for anything. 😃 Will surely recommend to everyone.
We been to rishikesh for river rafting and bungy jump. We know noone here at Rishikesh and we have seen Mr.Sumit Ji's shop while we were passing by other office and just approached him for some information and later we got bikes for local travel and also river rafting. He really helped us. He got many things done apart from river rafting and bunjee over phone calls. He helped us in sightseeing camping and trecking as well. His hospitality and humbleness is really appreciated.
Their service is amazing. Specially the owner, Mr. Sumit is so generous. Unlike other agencies, he is not money minded. He guided and gave us amazing trip advices. We hired bikes from him and rafting services. He also let us put our luggage in his office so that we could enjoy seeing Rishikesh without carrying much luggage.
I would totally recommend anyone to get their activities done from here. The owner is very friendly and helpful. He seems to be reasonable with pricing and definitely suggested everything to our benefit. I am really happy with the experience.
Swaroop S
We been to rishikesh for going to bhramtal trek and then we stopped to try river rafting and bungy jump. My friend suggested Mr.sumit and I booked 3activa for local travel and also river rafting. He really helped us to get it done on time and also helped to get a cab return to the airport with a phone call. His hospitality and humbleness is really appreciated.